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I just got a direct email (my screen name is my email) but as everyone knows, I'm unwell (now on oxygen as painkiller as well as opiates) and not on here as often as I was....... BUT I only like talking through the forum, it might help others and gives a target to have a go at my opinion.

The email is about getting a vito for a taxi.... so I thought it important

FIRST check with your licencing authority, NICELY, its them that enforce the councils rules..... from experience there is massive differences between adjoining authorities.

Check how old a vehicle they allow.... one local to me is 10yrs provided they are in excellent mechanical and physical condition, whilst another is 6 years maximum with the same conditions.

Check if they will allow a converted vehicle.... vito taxi models and traveliners (now called tourers) are usually fine but putting windows in or putting in extra seats might be a problem.... very, very few authorities will allow after-fitted seats and those that do will need an engineers certificate of "conformity"

Vito seating is specific to model and year and can be difficult to retro-fit, renault traffic etc seats are usually easy requiring only large (60 to 100mm) reinforcing plates under the floor through which the seats are bolted (easy diy but remember it still needs that certificate in most areas)

All seats need individual seat belts (again the certificate) BTW an engineers certificate is not the same as an mot.... taxi mot's are different to car mot's as well.

Mileage is not a problem on Vitos.... 500,000 is attainable... I have one at 270k and its sweet as a nut and never a problem.... starting first time (even after 10month standing at one point)

Check for black death.... remove cover on top of engine... the surface of the engine ought to be dull metal not black and gungy (it isn't easy or cheap to fix for most people.

Check clutch... no play... it might have a replacement invoice (mine was done 3yrs and 5000 miles ago) - if it has been replaced, it should have been "3 part kit" including cylinder

Manuals are generally longer lasting than automatics (many will dissagree) but the clutch and cable interface (sloppy gearshift) can be problematic if not replaced (cheap)

Longevity and mpg are governed by clean innards (I like Terradiesel part of terraclean and they chemically clean the INSIDE of the engine, pumps, sensors etc mine cost under £100 and took 5hrs) and good lubrication.

You can use ordinary 10w40 or 20w50 oil but it ought to be semi or fully synthetic.... I use Fuchs at £42 for 4ltrs but everybody has their own preferences (I attach mercs listing for specs)

(I still have good condition doors (front and sliding for 638 plus lamps etc)


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