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Well, not quite

It's a little quicker than the CL

But still a "GT Vibe"

211 mph, 0 - 124 mph in 8.5 seconds

And....from the moment you hit the throttle you’ll have 90 per cent of maximum acceleration in 0.7 seconds or less. That is to say this new "CL" hits pretty much as hard at 2000rpm as it does at 8000rpm

But perhaps so it should be in a car that costs £239,736 (pounds Sterling,not dollars) (which, by the way includes a full seven year, unlimited mileage maintenance package. Eat your heart out Kia).

And,... while it’s an immensely rich and satisfying machine, despite its sharpness, power and ability it’s not a car for instant, high octane thrills...
as it is a front–engined two seat V12..., it is the heavily used of all of them. Owners do more miles in them and often use them every day. So it has to be comfortable, reliable and practical..., and... has a 320 litre boot that expands to 500 litres with the neat load divider removed. Plus a great driving position, adequate stowage and good seat comfort :thumbsup:

Am I dreaming?

NO! - Ferrari just released the new CL...!

And here's Clarkson's & co's view of it:-

Top Gear drives the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - BBC Top Gear
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