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My first street bike was a 1978 Honda Hawk. A friend of mine who knows I like a good laugh sent me this ad from Craigslist.

I'm not sure whether they think this is one of the true "classic" Hawks from the 60s, but they're beyond crazy if they think they can get even 1/4 of their asking price.

I bought mine new and IIRC it was around $2,000 out the door. It was also the most troublesome bike I ever owned (had the rear wheel broken on the freeway instead of starting from a dead stop, it would have killed me) and reinforced the adage of "never buy the first model year of a vehicle". I was a kid, what did I know?

Anyway, we see this all the time with cars, but calling something a "collector" piece doesn't make it so. Piece of something else, maybe. ;)

78 Honda hawk - $3500

Low miles for its age (7025) and a really fun bike to ride. 400 cc new chain, new sprockets, and faring. Rim tires, No spokes . Original Seat has no tears. Collectors Motorcycle


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