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A "starter" button modification with a twist

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Just an idea.

Several cars such has the S2000 have the infamous red "Start" button. Others have tried to retro fit one on their Miata, Z3 or other...

So, how about doing one on the R171, and whilst we're at it, how about doing it a 'little bit different'.

The SLR has a starter button on the shift knob, so how about buying an SLR shift knob from an MB dealer, installing it on the new SLK, wiring up the cables (in the correct manner), and having an SLR style starter button [:D]

Now comes the question, will it be POSSIBLE to buy an SLR shift stick to begin with? If that's not feasible, then maybe a new S or SL class shift stick which also comes with the starter button on the shift know (although an SLR shifter with the flip up button is cooler [;)]).

What do you guys think? Cheesy or not [:p]
I think it would be kinda, unique [:D]
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I can't even begin to imagine how much the SLK knob would cost. Good idea though. I belive someone from the UK posted early on that they retrofitted parts of Keyless-Go into the SLK.
All I would need is the top part of the shifter. And all that needs to be done (apaprt from wiring), it to attach it to the shaft.

The leather around the shaft can be used to hide any incorrect 'fitting' and the wires.

The old SLK shifter cost maybe $50 or so.

The Brabus shifter (shiny metal one) in my old SLK was about $200.

I think the SLR shifter, if it "wasn't" an SLR shifter, would probably cost $200-300 due to it having the button inside. But Mercedes will probably sell it for something like $500, just because it comes from the SLR.

hmmm... I'll have to ask my dealer sometime.
Shinigami - 2/10/2005 4:31 PM

And all that needs to be done (apaprt from wiring)...
Which you can bet will be no easy feat! I did ask MB before placing my order about "why no keyless-go" and the response I got was "dunno" :)

The SLR starter looks so much better than the SL version. But, as you say, MB will charge a fortune for this.

Perhaps will have starter button/keyless go for sale soon [:)]
My comment there earlier was meant to be "I can't even begin to wonder how much the SLR knob would cost." sorry for any confusion.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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