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A short guide to automobile bumpers

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Contrary to popular belief, your bumpers are much more than just decorative elements designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. They are also a vital safety feature engineered to absorb the impact of minor road collisions to minimize the possibility of driver and passenger injuries. From this perspective, replacing a bumper no longer looks like a simple task because you should consider both aesthetics and functionality, no matter whether you’re shopping for a replacement or a custom bumper. So, I hope this short bumper replacement guide will come in handy and help you choose the right bumper for your Mercedes-Benz.

Types of auto bumpers
There are several major types of automotive bumpers, including:
  • genuine OEM
  • replacement
  • custom
  • high-performance
  • off-road bumpers.
Genuine OEM bumpers are the same ones that came with your vehicle from the manufacturer. They are either made by the vehicle’s manufacturer or another manufacturer that supplies parts for the main conveyor. The evident pros of genuine parts are an excellent fit, factory look, and OE functionality. Similar to genuine parts, replacement bumpers provide an equal level of functionality but are produced by another manufacturer and may require minor modifications to fit like genuine parts. As for custom bumpers, they are primarily built to customize your exterior, although, there are a lot of high-performance and off-road bumpers engineered to improve your vehicle aerodynamics and level up your driving safety respectively. Which one is best for you depends on your needs. If you’re looking for the original look and an accurate fit, your product of choice is a genuine or replacement bumper. If enhanced performance or a custom look is your goal, then, go with a custom bumper.

A physical automotive shop or an online store?
Which way of shopping is better is a matter of your preferences. We recommend online shopping for its ease and affordability. As every car owner you can order all necessary parts and accessories for your Mercedes-Benz from the comfort of your home by visiting one store, for example, Truck&Gear. We provide different types of Mercedes-Benz bumpers together with other parts and accessories for your pride and joy for any budget. In addition to fair and reasonable Mercedes-Benz bumper prices, this car parts website provides excellent sales and customer service for an enjoyable shopping experience.
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