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A series of questions

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Ok. I picked up 2 1983 380sel's for a trade. Both cars body and interior in good condition. They both run and are strong but have different problems. I am currently concentrating on one at a time. So the one I am concentrating on has 190k on the clock. I have gone through and changed oil, and checked the tuning. It ran bad at first and I found the timing to be off. I also sprayed the usual suspects of vacuum leaks with water and propane. I couldn't find any. I pulled the plugs and they look great. After adjusting the timing and fiddling with connections and cleaning the ICV. The car pulls hard like I would expect. The idle is still a little lumpy. I also think the econ gauge drifts too quickly to the red. In park the needle is almost pegged left and in drive with the brake applied it moves over about halfway to the red. I don't know how normal this is. Also my MPG is down to about 12 right now. Any comments are welcome. Especially ones that say what I should expect.

The ACC isn't working correctly. I get heat for about 10 seconds and then nothing and it seems to be blowing nowhere but inside the dash. The AC works well though and the defrost does blow at the windows but not hot. Might this be my vacuum issue causing lumpy idle?

Are these connected: Dash and center consol lights are out and radio doesn't work (aftermarket radio). Is there an easy place to start looking? I don't see any blown fuses but am planning to clean and replace them since they look like they have been in there a while.

I am really enjoying this car.
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congrats to another PA w126 ower
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