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I received this note about a month ago:

I am new to g-wagons and have a problem
with the lockers. My "new" ride is a 2000 G500 lwb, I
took it off the delivery truck and straight off road.
All seemed great, the locks appeared to
function(yellow-red lights on). Back on the road with
the locks disengaged (lights off) the truck is binding
a bit-I took a u-turn and chirped a tire. I then tried
to lock-unlock the diffs again, but only the yellow
lights will light(I hear the vacuum pump run). I
lifted both axles in my garage and it seems like
neither differential is locked- I assume the problem
is the center diff. The truck is at the shop now-they
are trying to contact Europa . I would appreciate your
input, thanks.
Followed by this one last night:

Dutch, a follow up on my problems. It has taken this
long to diagnose because the shop thought the problem
was the vacuum system. Turns out the center diff is
fried-I saw the parts fused metal. Europa thinks the
truck was placed on a chassis dyno. I do not know but
the bill for a rebuild t-case from MB with labor is
$8900. All the bearings are damaged from metal
shavings so a rebuild is only slightly more expensive.
Lesson learned-never trust anyone. Truck purchased
from [xxxxx] at [abc used car dealer]. In the
beginning they said the would "take care of me". Now
with the size of the bill they are not returning phone
Obviously, a chassis dyno is a real possibility, although there are stickers all over the engine compartment warning against the use.

Other possibilites would be:

1.) A long run by the previous owner on pavement with the center diff locked, or,

2.) Low or no fluid in the Tcase.

What a revolting wakeup call for a first time gwagen owner. Damned shame!![xx(]

Anyone know of a wrecked G500 as a Tcase donor?

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it does not need a chassis dyno to smoke a VG150.
actually a 3 minute full throttle run, on loose ground (for excample snow) without the centerlock being engaged, can kill the tc. it just can't handle a hughe spinning difference between front and rear axle. so if someone uses his 463 not in the right way, the person can f*ck up the tc easily....


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Couldn't this also happen from towing the truck with the rear wheels rolling... meaning not on a flat bed?

I know who the owner of that truck is... and i think it needs to be said that the truck came from HUNTING RIDGE MOTORS. They advertise/sell a lot of g-wagens on e-bay.

I almost bought a truck from them but had to pulled out of the deal. They said it was in perfect shape, no body work, no problems and nothing to spend money on if i wanted too... then carfax turned up a accident report, and by the time they got finished taking it to 2 different shops for me, the list of problems was pretty long including bald tires, leaking t-case and whole rear-end re-painted. The price was good... but the deal was bad.

He was telling me how everybody else is happy with their trucks based on his evaluation... yeah, right.

I'm not saying you can't get a good truck from them but be extremely cautious... Mark Starr is very nice, but not to be trusted. Have the vehicle checked out by Wolfgang in New Jersey. It's worth the money if they want you to pay to tow it there. First we went to Greenwich mercedes and they were rude and didn't notice everything.
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