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A questions I can't seem to find an answer to

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Dumb question here that's nearly irrelevant. How fast is the diesel R-class? No one seems to have posted a 0-60 time anywhere. The GL diesel is supposed to be somewhere south of 8 seconds, and I assume the R is the same considering it's a very similar weight?

As I said, it's a pretty irrelevant question considering the class of vehicle isn't made to be particularly fast nor should it, I just want to know because I don't know...

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I have a 2008 R320 with Harman Kardon sound. I find it very good, The only thing I would upgrade would be the subwoofer.. But I am comparing it to a mega system in my
C240. Be careful when you compare the wattage, there is no way that the HK system has 700 watts RMS. Just check the fuse! Nevertheless I like it a lot!
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