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A question for those that have replaced the sunroof slidind panel upholestery.

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I just replaced the headliner and sun roof panel, and I have a question.
On each side of the sunroof, there is the rubber bellows that expand when the sunroof is tilted up at the back.
The bellows is attached to a metal rail plate, and at the end of the metal plate is a clip.
The sunroof shade panel has a small metal rail on each side, and a small piece of metal at the end of the rail, that appears to accept the clip.
I assume this is what moves the shade panel when opening the sun roof....That is an assumption?
I was reinstalling the rails, and there is no mistaking in how they fit, but I want to know how to engage the clip at the end on the rail????
Here are 2 pictures of the rail and the clip. Any help would be appreciated.
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