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A new noise... any ideas?

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Our 95 E320 wagon has begun to make a new noise. The noise is a very low pitched sound -- almost sounds like a subwoofer at 30hz. No grinding, just a smooth very low frequency tone. The sound only appears while on the freeway at 50+ miles per hour when LETTING OFF THE GAS. It is loudest when doing this at 70+ mph. The very second I engage acceleration, the sound completely disappears. Any ideas? Drive shaft? Rear diff? Trans?
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what might " service " entail Clarkz ..??

I can not believe a need for checking much, or setting anything, after all .. it's Merc :)
right ..?? :confused:

I am still using a Ford 9" that I JY'd in 1976, never anything but fluid changes
it's been driven by a 428SCJ, a 460, and now a Chevy 468
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