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A new noise... any ideas?

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Our 95 E320 wagon has begun to make a new noise. The noise is a very low pitched sound -- almost sounds like a subwoofer at 30hz. No grinding, just a smooth very low frequency tone. The sound only appears while on the freeway at 50+ miles per hour when LETTING OFF THE GAS. It is loudest when doing this at 70+ mph. The very second I engage acceleration, the sound completely disappears. Any ideas? Drive shaft? Rear diff? Trans?
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I have a few idea's, but you never reported back after this thread........ 3 months ago??
Sharp as a tack Clark. Had to hang up my wrenches in September shortly after getting underway on that project. My Lyme disease went into full flare and shut my digits down pretty bad (my grey matter too) to the point I could not hang onto a wrench or do anything requiring any level of dexterity. Am just now starting to come back online slowly but surely.

Thanks for your help.
I suggest checking the flexible joints for wear and noise.

I wish you all the best with your health.
Thank you.

I just replaced the flex disc (front) in May but should get back in there to make sure no nuts/bolts have come loose and made their way out onto the freeway (have read a few folks reports of this happening). Thanks for the suggestion.
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