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Obviously the newer the better, most car companies have most of the trouble (if they do have)in the early years of introduction of the model.

w140 was introduced 92-99.

From performance and holding its value best, i would recommend the s500. And obviously the best s500 or shall i say the most loaded one was the 99 grand edition, but those are hard to come by, since they only made 600 for the u.s.a.

If money is no problem..i would go for a 99 s500..and then logically 98 s500 and so forth.

When i bought my s500..i wanted the 99 grand edition, but i couldnt afford one since everyone was asking way too much for theirs. I knew i wanted at least a 97 since it had the euro lights and also it was all one color, meaning the side panel is not a different color.

Like i said it all comes down to money and taste. Some people like the s320 others s500. Also condition and miles is another criteria. So if you can afford it start with 99 and go down.

Here is a great site that tells you changes and problems in cars year by year.

good luck

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