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i had a few questions, so i thought i´d gather them in one message ... [:)]

#1: I want to install a tachometer in my 404, but i have a 24v electrical system. Seems hard to find a 24v tach. so i tried a regular 12v tach. with a little help from a converter/inverter that gives 12v DC from a 24v DC source. I seems to work, but for how long?

#2: Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes 60 mm (something like 2-1/3) tachometers?

#3: Does anyone have photos of the dual carb. setup for the M130 404 engine? I have reason to belive that someone has swapped my engine, and there are some things i need to improve, like the "plumbing" from the air filter to the carb.

thanks in advance!
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