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A few questions about oil change - USA spec:

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What is Ring, General, part # 000-180-26-09 and it costs $0.50. Is this the filter gasket or some kind of washer? I was charged $5.75/quart for Mobil-1 0W40, part #Q-1-09-0010. All they had to do was walk to WalMart almost across the street, buy the thing for under $4/quart, save me some dough and make me a very happy customer. Total for oil change: Parts $66.95, labor $25.00. It's still not that bad though, but I do wonder what the A service will cost.

In case you're wondering, yes, I decided to dump the factory-fill synthetic blend at 3K and go for the full Mobil 1. Now, I'll stick to the FSS/13K annual service.
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I cant buy 0W-40 Mobil 1 any way but in quarts, I order a pallet load and it still seems way too costly. Here in the upstate area it runs $4+ per quart wholesale. I know it is cheaper in other states.
Last time I checked, they told me oil had gone up? I believe Mobil 1 is mostly synthetic oil?
Anyway, yes that is a drain plug gasket. And, I would not go over 7500 for an oil change. We do not recomend to our clients to do so either.
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