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A few pics of my E55

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Hey guys,

Just cleaned up my car between snows, and wanted to share a few pictures. I just bought a few products from Griot's Garage including polish, wax, chrome polish, and a bunch of assorted micro fiber towels.
What do you think?




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nice rig I particularly like the 3rd one from above ,it looks like a caged lion with no where to go.
Black w/chrome MB II's! Now just add the chrome headlight rings. [:p]
Nice! Black beauty! Need to drop it though and change those shoes to some lighter ones. [:D]
I would consider lowering it. What type of lowering kit would you recommend? Any idea of cost?


Depending on your pocket you can go for either the Bilstein + H&R setup or if you have really deep pockets go with the kleemann setup. Not sure what the cost is on the Bil + H&R setup and the kleemann i don't remember as well. But check with your authorized dealer.
I love the W210, specially the 55's,... should have gotten a new one when I had the chance!![:(!][:(!]
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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