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A "few" issues?

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Maybe this belongs in an “intro” post - but might as well cover it all in one.

Issue 1: I have the luxury package. Love the S class front. However the car came with the gray, multi-spoke wheels. One day I love them - the next, not so sure. What do you folks think? Third Merc, and all had bright wheels - as to 98% of newer cars. They can look very classy. Unless I want to spend $3000 - they are to stay.

Issue 2: One we will all no doubt deal with one day. The ESP turns off for no apparent reason. The cars goes into safe mode - 20mph tops. You also get the yellow “skid” light in the dash/driver display. I first bumped the car into sport agility, which gave me acceleration - but light remained on. As an old hand computer geek - I immediately pulled over. Shut down engine, and restarted. Bingo. Haven’t seen the prob since - but will. Apparently it’s a quick fix at the dealer.

Issue 3: New one. Get in, start-up, in C mode and notice a green ECO light, again in the dash/driver display, top right. I was in traffic and couldn’t “play” with it. Went out, and could not duplicate it. The green light on console is not effected. Ever see this light?

Finally, there is the Driver Assist setting via steering wheel settings. Assist Inoperative? Could not get the “attention level bar” - just system inoperative. Most likely will work today. What am I missing, or does this look like something dealer should look at?
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