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Not having much luck with search on these particular questions, this is for a '79 300TD:

1. Would 12' of line be enough to replace the pressure hard line from engine compartment to valve? I can get a 12' coil or a 25' coil of line.

2. The pressure line at the valve is the one with the flare nut fitting, and the return line is the one with the banjo bolt, correct?

3. Any reason not to use the MUCH easier to work with Cunifer copper-nickel line instead of steel line other than it is a lot more expensive? 13000lb burst strength would seem to be adequate, but no idea if it might have an issue with the hydraulic oil.

On my car the hard lines completely rotted out above the differential and subframe. Temporarily I have used fuel injection hose and clamps to bypass the bad section, but I need to replace the pressure line correctly. I assume that the rubber is sufficient for the return line though? No real pressure in that one.

The rubber actually works fine as long as I only have two people or less in the car....


'79 300TD 121K "Trudie"
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