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A couple of people asked for images of my 240D, so here we are...

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Took her out for the first time in a while today. 1974, purchased only five or six weeks ago. Originally from CO, but was imported into Canada sometime during her life.

I drove her part of the way home, only to be subjected to a snapped fan belt miles and miles (and a ferry ride) from home. Of course, not having another car, I hadn't gotten around to getting breakdown cover. $140 later I'd been towed to the ferry port with the intention of limping her aboard. Anyway, she refused to start after that, so I had to abandon her at the ferry terminal for a few days, before ferrying back to fix her and get her home. Since then, it's been new glow plugs, coolant change, fit the passenger side headlight properly (previous owner had decided to stick the light surround back on with tape, rather than simply bend out the top clip to the correct angle. Some WD40 and elbow grease later and all the residue is off the wing, and the light is back in (proper) place.

To do list:
- Exhaust manifold gasket (creates own smoke screen from where it's blowing in traffic. Pretty useful if I was a getaway driver, but then this is a 240D. It's not fast). Just got a replacement on special order from Merc Germany
- Tires are pretty shot. The previous owner barely used it, and had no appreciation for it (he was a Veedub van vege oil nut), so it sat under a tree for the couple of years he owned it and barely got driven. Thus screwed tires - new ones in the trunk (with no white walls sadly), and all the gaps between everything were filled with moss.
- New emblems front and rear. Didn't have a front one when I bought it, and the rear is half missing (although it looks kinda cool like that...)
- It has some rust issues in the usual places. Fortunately, my roomie/best bud is a motorsport mechanic/welder/etc so repairs are no problem
- Sort out the roof lining coming away from the roof - I guess spray glue of some kind would do the trick?
- Couple of new seals for glass, trunk.
- Drive it

I'd like to get some European headlights at some point, same with the bumpers. Aside from that, it'll stay stock. I'd like to be able to trust it to be reliable, although I haven't had the chance to use it enough to get to that point yet (I walk to work, and live right in the neighbourhood - she was bought purely to fix up and use for pleasure)

So yah. Comments? Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone know the name of the shade of green she is?
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