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hi just wanted to share with you guys

i saw this car on street with a for sale sing
looked ok for age ( v reg)
there was few scratches all around
it said engin problem for sale
so i rang the guys meet up
started to car it would star but not hold the revs

low idle
could not give gas at all pedal and engine was acting like there were not connected (i learned there was not physical connection between the throttle body and the pedal )

guy wanted to sell it for 220
i engaged the gear but the car would not move even
it was impossible to give gas
it would keep stalling would not move at all even when it was in gear breaks looked like seized up

after checke he engine oil was dirty and there wad loads of condensation so i refused to but the car and walked away telling him i would buy it only for scrap metal price o i could mess around with it in my garage (i was really thinking that just put it in the garage and strip it down and find out so a nice winter project to keep me busy :)

so finally read on this page and gathered some information

bought the car for 100 pounds

battery was flat would not even lock but alarm was going off nightmare
i got my other cars battery connected and started her up
runed rough but after getting the engine warm i managed and to get revs a bit higher ( just be very soft and gentle with pedal) decided to ride it home which was less than a mile i managed it but car would not even go more than 2.5 rpm and it was struggle to move it

so we are home car is warm no more stalling
next day a diagnistic scan clean the ecu no fault was found
after diagnosis she runed perfetcly

a big service oil filter petrol filter changed spark plugs were naked than

balck smoke for a little while loads of bang in hesitation on the road

finally sent the ecu maf to ecu doctor and installed it reseted the ecu and guess what car runs perfectly drove it to gatwick airport and back just to get her on the motorway and up to heat

car did less than 3000 miles in last 3 years :)

today : i am using the car on regular basis and she runs perfectly

if it was not to lofty's page and this forum i would not be able to get it sorted that quick
i knew about ecu doctor as i used them before for my golf abs but forum and lofty diverted me to right direction

and i am a happy owner of a baby mercedes with 77.000 miles and 9 owner

seems like no one could really sort the problem out ans they kept spending money
tyres breaks etc.

only thing is boot doesn't(neither key or key fob) lock it is constantly unlocked anybody know how can i sort it out

i will take her to mercedes specialist for check on suspension but for £100 i think it is the deal of my life what do you think guys ????
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