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I see one of the gauge connectors - by the valve cover, radiator area, right on the top line. Where is the other one ? The MB manual doesn't help. And of course I've looked a few other places.

My A/C sprung a leak several years ago and I'm ready to start fixing it, but can't find the other connector. The last time I had some work done on it I took it to the dealer, a R12 to R134a conv, and I 'm not sure if it was all that successful, because I had to add a can about 2 mo later, then a few months after that it all leaked out somewhere. And before that I only added R12 a couple of times -- just in case you're wondering how I could not know where the 2nd connector is after all these past 15 years.

The 220D was a snap, since they were both on the York compressor, which, BTW, as some of you already know, when you turned the valves the right way, it acted as a vacuum pump for the system - no separate pump needed to evacuate !
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