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A/C Problem

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I have a 2002 E320. The A/C only blows cold out of the passenger side vents. The driver's side blows external air. Even the middle vent blows cold on the passenger side and warm on the driver's side. Anyone have an idea or suggestion as to what the problem might be?
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Welcome to the forum, please click the User CP link and complete your BW profile re: vehicle and location as that is often useful information, particularly when you're seeking advice.

You posted into the general forum, but if you scroll down the main page you'll see a sedans section and then the W210 section. Within those walls you'll find a wealth of information and informed people who can point you to the solution.

In the interest of teaching you to fish, I'll tell you that the answer is in the DIY/Help stickies in the 210 forum.

Take care and enjoy the ride,
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