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A/C Not Working

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RE: 1995 S500 production date 3/95

Dear W140 Members:

On my commute to work this morning with both A/C dials set on "LO" and fan dial rotated to "MAX" the A/C system blew only warm air.

On my way to lunch with the same A/C settings, my A/C did not blow any air whatsoever.

However, I can hear sounds of moving pieces sounding like vents within the dash immediately after I press the "AUTO" button.

Please provide procedures for A/C diagnosis, or suggestions for trouble shooting.

Also recommend Benz repair shops in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.

Thank you forum Members.

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AC Probs

Well, it sounds like the compressor is not coming on. It could be one of the pressure switches, and or low on "freon", that would indicate a leak in the system. The bad part is, the 140 series of cars had serious evaporator problems which require the removal of the entire dash, and the removal of $2-3k from your wallet. If that is the case go to a dealer and explain the problem, the factory has been known to provide some parts help and they probably have done one or more of these jobs (AC shops might not have the xperience)
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