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A/C hot, no condenser fans or compressor 99E300

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Hi Everyone. Last week while driving A/c air suddenly got hot. I purchase refrigerant and followed the instructions on resetting after the ec illuminated.
I hastily reset before writing down the code. Compressor come on but has occasionally for periods of less than a minute. I've tried to quickly add refrigerant while it's on with no success. Also according to my gauge the pressure on the low side quickly climbs when I try to add 134. This could be due to reading a value after the compressor has stopped running. Maybe? The pressure on low side according to my gauge was around 50psi. I let some gas out of the valve to lower it. I reduced it to about 10 psi. tried again to add when comp. briefly came on but no luck. Compressor only seems to come on when the car has not been running for 2 or more hours and I could get it or the aux fans to come on at all today. Fans turn freely by hand with no noted roughness. Fuses are all good in the engine compartment. I've run the diagnostics and will list their values below. Also I've been driving the car hoping the original fault will reappear but it has not and the ec light has not returned. Sorry I posted extra values. Thanks in advance for any help. It's hot here in Wilmington NC!
1 - 82
2 -78
3 -87
4 -87
5 -134
6 -94
7 -03
8 -82
9 -27
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If those are the numbers when the engine is running and climate control set to the lowest temp then I see a few things wrong. Battery voltage is too low. Left heater core temp is too high. Evaporator temp sensor is showing the temp to be very high.
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