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Start fresh..

1) Any decent aircon shop can test the system for leaks, and identify the leaks,
They will be able to tell if the compressor is shot, or if the compressor is just not coming on because of a leak somewhere else in the system. The compressor will not run if the refridgerant has leaked out below minimum, that is by design to protect the compressor.

2) On a year 2000, the chances are way over 50% it's a leak somewhere else in the system on a MY 1998, then my guess chances are 50/50 between a leak somewhere else and a shot compressor.

3) If the compressor is shot: you will need (3) main parts: a new OEM compressor with clutch (Denso USD$500, not the cheaper Indian or China knockoff compressors), a new accumulator/drier, and a new expansion valve (USD$100 for both). The replacement is fairly straightforward and does not necessarily need to be done by a MB specialist.

Your first step is to find a trusty local auto aircon shop.. and start from there.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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