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A/C Blows Hot Air Error Code B 1419 EC Light not on

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2000 E320 4Matic Wagon 113K Started blowing hot air. Long story short I checked the diagnostic codes and looked at the compressor and clutch. There is only 7 listed for the Freon and the clutch on the compressor is seized. The system was recharged a little over 3 years ago so there is a leak somewhere. In reading the forums I see that people also replace the Receiver Drier and the expansion valve. I understand the drier (is it also a good idea to change the attached sensors at that time?) but what does the expansion valve do? Also planning on changing the O-rings that I remove and make sure that the proper compressor oil is used.

As I understand the process I take it down and have the system purged - can they check for leaks at this time with the compressor dead?, do the repairs and then return and have the system recharged. I have reviewed the parts suppliers that are recommended and will follow them. Only question I have on the compressor is that it appears that this vehicle needs the pulley diameter of 4 1116. Not sure what that refers to but there are several listed.

I do have all the readings from the diagnostic check if you need me to list them. Fuses are fine and I did not check the voltage at the compressor (too tight on the 4 Matic) will do it when I take it out. The grand daughter just said that the A/C just wouldn't work so no real time line on the failure.

Just checking that there is nothing that I am missing before I start and if there is anything else I should consider. Thank You for your assistance.
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Hello :)

If you have a 419 code, and the compressor is seized, you need to remove the compressor, expansion valve (that is in the evaporator, access through the firewall), receiver/drier, and have the hoses/pipes flushed. When the compressor is seized, small metallic particles broken from it, can be lodged in the expansion valve, and the receiver/drier, or have potential to block the system if not flushed, before the components replacement. You can get someone else do the flush but they need to remove the above components, and replacing them with new ones will not be very labor intensive.

To answer your question, the expansion valve, as the name implies causes the liquid refrigerant to expand into gas in the evaporator, so that the expansion process cools the airflow through the evaporator cores. It controls the liquid to gas conversion, so the evaporator core never freezes.

The replacement compressor comes with the clutch and pulley and if you select the correct one, it will come with the correct size pulley. It is plug and play. I recommend genuine Denso brand, as the cheap ones tend to have quality issues.

If the compressor is seized, then there is really no need to check the voltage on the compressor. It is dead, and the coil fuse is opened to disengage the pulley from the clutch, to prevent belt damage.
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