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Hi folks,

So I got my wheels refurbished, a process during which the tyre valves got damaged - no biggie I thought, I'll just put on new ones. WRONG. Fast forward to today and I'm learning the hard way that the standard valve stems don't work with my 1979 Bundts, p/n 1084000902, as the valve hole is approx. 10mm deep and doesn't have a recess in the back for a standard valve stem... No worries, I'll get the proper ones from stealership - p/n
A107 400 00 13, I searched online and while those little gems cost $12 in 2017, they now retail for $60 minimum... EACH! Talking about learning an expensive mistake the hard way.

At any rate, I came across this so-simple-yet-crazy (?) idea to have the existing valve holes machined so the wheels will take standard type valves. A cheap and cheerful solution! However, the million dollar question is: does anyone have a later style (post 1981) bundt wheel & could share the dimensions of the valve hole? I assume it's still 11.3mm on the face of the rim, but not a clue how deep the hole should be nor what's the diameter on the rear of the rim.

Feedback appreciated, or maybe someone out there has a set of four valves for sale at a reasonable price?

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