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Used to drive 1995 C280, Used to drive 1987 300E (wrecked, sitting in garage)
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So as you guys know someone rear ended my w202 and its salvage now..
i know insurance is going to take its sweet time with my check.. so i have an old 87 w124 sitting at home.. should i buy a new car (used) or should i fix the 124..
the only thing i hate about the w124 is how big it is (it's very hard to park with those tiny mirrors), how much gas it eats, and the ac controls and spark plugs are pretty dated.. other than that.. the seats are comfy, the rides good.. so i really am not sure what to do.. oh i'm a student by the way..
and no civic is not an option.. once you go rear wheel drive.. you get addicted to the handling if you know what i mean smile thanks guys
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