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9x18 backside.... is possible?

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Hi all I'm new here... I've just a question for you slk-experienced: I want to put on my 200k 18"alloy wheels. Luckily a friend of mine has an alloy wheel factory so i can have them at around 1/3 of the ordinary price but... on his catalogue there aren't 0,5 sizes, just 8X18 or 9X18. So,in front there shouldn't be problems since i see some of you are using 8,5x18, i'd like to know if someone of you is using 9Jx18 rims on the back side (with 235/45 of course), if it's possible without modifications or should i use the 8x18 front and back?

anticipately thanking for your answers

200k Obsidian Black/black Leather[:)]
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I'm running 9.5X18" on the rear of mine with 255/35/18 tires. I don't know if there is any difference between the 350/AMG and your car, but the offset with 9.5" width should be 35mm. I'm using 8.5" width in the front with 225/40/18 tires and 30mm offset. Hope this helps.
Stainless, yes my car does have the sport suspension. It needed absolutely NO mods to fit the 18X9.5" rear wheel. Just ensure your offset is 35mm or you could probably run 30mm with the straight 9" width. Not much clearance concern with the rear wheels on these cars, it's the front that is tight.
I too think that 35mm front will be fine with the 8" rim. I'm sure it will look great, waiting for pics [:)]
Darn double posts!!
No pictures yet. I can't afford a digital camera since I bought wheels.[:)] They are the 18" Monoblock VI wheels that you can see at Brabus. This link may get you a pic of a black car with them on. If not go to the Brabus website and go under R171 tuning and you'll see them there. They look awsome on my Alabaster white car.
rg04 - 2/2/2005 10:39 PM

Hi Nukeslk,

Did you fit spacers on for your wheels in front. The Carlsson 8.5J ones I'm running in the front has spacers. Tyres are 235/40 (I think) Makes the wheels protrude out a little from the wheel arch.. Looks like a buggy. Does your front wheels have the same aesthetic flaw? Any tips on how to off-set/re-align the wheels to solve this problem? Basically, I just need to push the wheels in a little (if there is such a way).

Yes I have 5mm spacers in front. The wheels come with 35mm offset and the 8.5" width will not fit unless you add the spacers to make the offset 30mm. They do not protrude out of the fender well. They look awsome! Maybe your spacers are more than 5mm?
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