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99 SL 500 Roadster.......

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What exactly is the W & the S switch near the automatic shifter....I am assuming that the S is for switching to some sort of sport setting...However, I am unsure of what the W stands for or does... Also, which one should it normally be in and is there any real difference between the two because I can tell a thing...

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S is for normal or regular driving. It starts out in 1st gear. W is for wet or snow driving. It starts out in 2nd gear. w mode helps to improve traction and driving stability of the vehicle, according to the manual.
Here's an E-Bay link to a complete set of 1999 SL500 manuals - - they'll be a valuable investment:

Congrats on your new Benz.

If people really want a manual you can order it from mercedes. My car did not come with the owners folder, just call the dealer give him your vin and in about 7 days you will have a new set with radio codes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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