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I have always wanted to own an S Class and particularly liked the W140 body style.

Today while at my dealer checking on something else, I saw a '99 S420 with 17k on the odometer. In service date is 11/98. It is Starmarked. I drove it, and as expected it is smooth, roomy and a pure delight. I
always thought that big a car, weighing that much would require the 5 liter V8, but the 4.2 liter is surprisingly smooth and steady and doesn't seem to be straining at all. The car is Brilliant Silver with
Ash leather interior and appears to be in excellent condition. The only noticeable thing I saw were the wheels which may not be the wheels that came with the car. I say this because it's hard for me to believe that a car with only 17k on the clock would have wheels that were as scarred as these. They are not pitted, but there are several marks on them where balance weights were and places where the clear
coat has worn off. Can that happen within 17k miles?

Anyway, I have some more research to do on this car, but would be interested in any thoughts, opinions etc you all on the list may have regarding this model. I would certainly extend the Starmark warranty
beyond the 1 year offered by the dealer - just because I understand these cars are expensive to repair. I have read Frank Barrett's comments in his Buyer's Guide - this is the car to be in if you are in
'The Big One'. I suspect that, by the 99 model year, all the bugs for the W140 class were worked out (Right ?), since 99 was its last model year.

I welcome all comments - good or bad.
Thanks in advance.

Gene Batchelar
Wheaton, IL
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