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2007 ml63
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Hey guys,
I bought my 430 at the end of the last season and put it away for the winter... I had almost forgotten how nice of a ride it is. Nonetheless, i researched the vehicles pasts and at 140k km, it still hasnt gotten a tranny fluid change, or a diff fluid change :( There are currently no problems with it, but id like to avoid any complications. And so ive got a couple of questions:
-Does anyone know the best fluid to use, where i can buy it, and how much is need? (for the transmission and differential)
-Also, i believe i should change the necessary gaskets and seals, anyone know the part # or which ones?
-Finally, anything i should be aware of before i do the work? Like things i should change or precautionary advice :D
Thanks a lot for your time,
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