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98 slk 230 P0806 code Power loss

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My wife bought this car a couple of months ago 98 SLK 230 124,000. It was running fine with no engine light for the first 3000 miles. The engine light came on and she drove it for a couple of weeks like this. The car finally began running eratic, cutting in and out at accel, and wanting to die at idle. My wife brought it to a local shop they told her it was a spark plug that had vibrated loose. They put a new set of plugs in it and it seems to run ok with no missing but the super charger seems to not be working proberly and the engine light is on. I have been researching the forum for a few weeks and have replaced the MAF sensor which seemed to clear up a couple of codes the local mechanic pulled when he fixed the plugs and moved them to pending. The P0806 code is still their and the super charger seems to not be functioning at all. The car runs fine in town and will gain speed on the interstate but it seems to do it gradually. You can press the gas pedal to the floor on the interstate and the car will slowly increase speed without red lining the tack. I have never owned a Mercedes and did not know if this is normal. It holds its cruising speed just fine going up hills. have checked the K40 no soldering joints appeared to be damaged. The Cam magnet was checked and had some burned oil around it. It is leaking oil and needs to be replaced but I don't think it would be my immediate problem. Is their a chance the oil from the Cam magnet could have damages some wiring to the subercharger valves effecting the flow of air? Could the accellerator sensor be my problem? The super charger is not making any wierd noises. Unplugged the Y2/1x Magnetic SC Clutch connection with the car off and could hear no engaging or disengaging of the clutch. When the car is running the pully on the supercharger seems to be spinning. Just thought I would give this forum a shot and see if their were some simple solution other than the supercharger being shot. If the supercharger is shot what is the cheapest and most reliable options on replacing it. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty but just don't want to get over my head and screw something up worse than it was before. Any insight or advice would be helpful.

It may be cheaper to just get divorced :)

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Thanks for the reply. I still have not done anything to fix the problem. I have been looking at rebuilt superchargers on ebay thinking that was my problem but just have not pulled the trigger. Did you take it to the dealer/mechanic or did you try to fix it yourself? How did you troubleshoot the problem?
How much did it run you?:bowdown:
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