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98 S420 Wiring harness

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Hi to all, i have had several threads before about rough idles and shaking that my car had, i took it to my local mercedes benz specialists, after a week of testing and looking they found some things, i had 5 to 6 hoses leaking which were replaced, i had a new maf sensor installed, after a test drive my indy said that the car was still not running well, and after a while they said that they found that my valve cover gasket was leaking, but also what they found was that my wiring harness was bad because of the oil that was getting on it from the leaking valve cover gasket, they told us that it will be a thousand dollars from MB Dealership, i was wondering if any of you have a wiring harness for the 96 and up w140's with the m119 engine. Also i heard that this usually happens on cars older than 95, i guess im the only one with a 98 s class that has this issue :crybaby2:
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Sounds BS to me. Did he show you the damaged area? It may look ugly, but I doubt there would be any insulation damage from leaking oil.
i was kinda thinking the same thing, the wires under the hood of a car should be oil resistent, my car had a horrible oil leak and all the wires are still on good condition.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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