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I have a 98 320 Wagon with 110,000 on the clock. Recent check engine light with CCheck Engine Electronics. Had the codes pulled and had a misfire on cyl 1, and 3. Replaced plugs and had rechecked. Same codes but with the addition of cyl 2. Just replaced the coils and wires for 1,2 and 3 and had codes re-read...still the same. I took it for a twenty minute highway drive and all seemed fine; the car ran smoothly and strong. Stopped and re-started the car and the lights were off. GREAT...
Accelerated down the road and once the rpm's went over 5k, cel lights flash and car goes into limp mode. I pull over and turn the car off and restart. Lights are still on but the car is running well again. Once again accelerate and when it hits 5k the limp mode starts and I repeat the process.
I have now disconnected the battery an am waiting 30 min to see what happens.
Any idea WHERE TO GO FROM HERE? I have an OBD coming but all it is going to tell me is that 1,2 and 3 are misfiring. Can't figure out why it runs great till 5k and then goes into limp mode???
Any help greatly appreciated.

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