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Hi All, I am a very proud owner of an immaculate C200 Sport and today whilst bringing the other half back from our holiday I had my first problem in 19 months trouble free motoring. Coming off a roundabout I decided I had not used the kickdown for a few months so I thought I would wind up the sowing machine and engage the pedal to the tin. This resulted in the usual change down and noise. But rather than doing the do the car decided it would not go above 3500 rpm and stay at a consistant speed. This subsequently resulted in three problems:

1. The serpentine belt on the front of the engine jumped on the top middle pulley one notch across resulting in the belt stripping 2 mm off one side.

2. The car now makes a clunk when changing down of its own accord. If I change down manually I have no clunk. This is a metallic clunking comming from under the engine.

3. When at a stand still with my foot on the brake and car in drive the car will be fine for a short while and then every now and again will try to drive and being that my foot is on the brake almost stall then recover.

I fear I have messed up the gearbox with my over exhubriant roundabout exit. But reading hundreds of forums I cannot find anything which sounds the same.

The car drives as it should up and down gears no other problems but for the clunk and the fact it now wants to drive through the brakes.

Please HELP???????


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I think your problem may be the torque convertor trying to lock up prematurely so you must check the fluid level and have the fault codes read out. Do not drive it again until you check the fluid level.
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