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97 S500 Coupe - Any Advice?

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I've come across a Starmarked '97 S500 Black Opal Coupe with 28,000 miles on it and am going to look at it this week. I plan a PPI but am trying to dig up as much info about this model as I can. Can you all share any of your vast storehouse of knowledge with me? What should I look for? Good points about the W140 and bad points? Anything you can share is appreciated.<br>
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Gene, more info! <br> <br> A C140 is a great car but expensive to fix! About the worst thing to fix is the A/C evaporator! Don't think so? Check this out: <br> <br> That's courtesy of Frank Mulone! <br> <br> But I'm not trying to scare you but if anything can, that will!
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