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97 C-230 Transmission Problem

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Hi all

I have a 97 C230 and the transmission is giving problems... Currently it seems like it is locked in 1st or 2nd gear... it does not shift even when i change gears to 1,2,3,... it give a big jerk when i chage to drive or reverse... i took it to MB dealer and they told me to replace it @ around $2500 cost... took it to a local mechanic and he reset some codes and i drove it fine for 2-3days and locked again... and he did it again and again and it locks after a few days...

Can anyone recommend what to do... Also if u know a good mechanic in HOUSTON are plz let me know as mercedez is charging to much...

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I don't really know much about your problem but if you do decide to replace it check out your local euro salvage yards. I found a trans for my c280 with 30,000 in it for 750. But yeah if you take to mercedes they don't even open the trans no matter what they just put a new one in( cheaper for them ). Good luck!
thanks for ur help

anyone else with suggestions
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