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Just purchased a nice one owner S500 coupe 130K.
I have read previous posts but cant fine this problem.
When I purchased my coupe it had a week battery, ok for all components but not actually to start a car. I installed a new one and drove for about 40 miles, than tried to get it inspected and my good mechanic tells me you have too many not done in you OBD II to pass inspection. Drive another 40 Miles and come back. I drove total of 120 miles on a new battery and still OBD II read only 2 ready all others not done. This begins to worry me, I have read that previously in vehicles past history it has always pass NY inspection. My mechanic told me that; I may have some other serious problems.
Car starts perfectly, no smoke, no hesitation, no warning lights, and smooth all around. What can be a problem?
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