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96 S320 Startup problems

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hey guys, can someone point in the right direction for this problem? most of the time when i start the car, it doesn't kick in, i have to give it a little gas, and then it'll fire up, and then it's rough for a second or two then fine.

could it be the injectors? i just changed the spark plugs last year. don't drive much.

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Check your fuel pressure regulator. Sounds like it's not holding pressure and the car sputters until the pressure builds back up.

An easy test: Turn the ignition on but don't start it. You should hear the fuel pump run for a few seconds and then stop. After it stops turn the ignition back off and then try and start the car like normal and see how it does. If you can't hear the fuel pump, just count to 5 or so.

If the car starts fine then your regulator is probably shot.

If the car sits a lot, a dose of Techron or Sea Foam in the gas wouldn't hurt either.
thanks Bob, i will give that a shot. i've put seafoam in the gas, but i haven't sucked it in through the brake booster yet. will try that after diagnosing the pressure regulator.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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