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1996 w210 straight 6 Waterpump Replacement

Dear MB fellas,

This DIY is for the straight 6 engine waterpump removal.
Location: my house in baltimore, maryland

This is my second water pump failing. I replaced one 2 years ago but I should have never bought one from ebay. Learned my lesson. I bought a waterpump for $60 on ebay and I paid someone $200 to put it in but now in 2 years Its making making noises and some coolant was leaking for the past couple of months.

Things I didn't do.
I did not remove the fan/shroud, radiator, power steering pump reservoir or drained the radiator.

I looked at other DIY articles but I decided to go with my instincts.

1- I did not drain the radiator, rather I have clamped the hoses going on top and bottom of the waterpump with hose clamps. They are dirt cheap at harbor freight. I removed all hoses from the water pump and used zip ties to get them out of my way.

2- I did not remove fan or radiator orwaterpump pulley, , just the drive belt with 15 mm socket on belt tool that goes on spring tensioner.

3- Waterpump is held by 4 hex 6 bolts. I got the long hex bits from harbor freight around $13.99 and that was all. They go on 3/8 wrench. I didn't use allen keys.

4- the brake booster cable comes under the intake manifold, i removed the screw and got that out of my way. so there was plenty of room to work on when using the ratchet.

5- slowly removed all the screws, the front bottom lower screw is hard to see through so just use a small mirror or feel for it and it comes out pretty easy.

6- Water pump comes out after all 4 hex bolts are out and new one goes in, I took mine out in an hour. I will put it back together tmrw.
I have craftsman cordless impact wrench so I removed all the screws on the thermostat housing and water pump pulley. I took those out when I took the whole water pump out.

7- autozone sells waterpump for $150 without core with lifetime warranty so i ordered one today and it will come tmrw to the store and i will pick it up.

8- this is how I did it. I know there are better ways to do it. it can be easily done, just have plenty of lighting, i bought a clip on light from harbor freight and I could easily see everything.

I will try to replace my hex screws with regular bolts from ace hardware or home depot. they are known to strip.

Please leave comments and suggestions. Im sorry if i wasn't organized but I be happy to answer questions


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Bravo! I recently did this job on mine and suspected that it probably could be done without all the fuss. I wanted to flush the coolant system (and know for sure what was in it) and I didn't want to poke a hole in the radiator so I did remove the radiator etc. I wasn't in a hurry and like to have as much room to move around as possible and since the car was new to me, I like to explore things and assess the condition of pulleys etc. and get familiar with the engine room.

Thanks for posting this, it's good to know for sure that it can be done simpler!
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