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I've got a 96 E300D with 258k on it. In the course of normal maintenance, I ran a pint of Diesel purge through the system, then replace the pre and main filters. After restarting, I ran it for 20 minutes and then shut it down.
This morning, on the way to work, at 55-60mph, the engine starting cutting out/surging. I could counter this by hard acceleration or letting my foot of the pedal completely. It did this at just after coming off cold and the rest of the way (16 miles) to work. The vehicle idle perfectly and has no leaks. What should I look for? I did notice that when it was cutting out, I got a bit of white smoke out the tail pipe.
Previously to this, the vehicle ran fine on the highway.

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Jeff, I'm sure Kaijtek will be along soon to give his sage diesel widsom.

On the Benz diesels I have owned, purging the air out of the main filter was a critical part of the process or the situation you described can occur. NOW, that was many years ago on the OM617 motors (best ever built, IMHO), so it might be different for your engine.

For the OM617, loosening the filter screw (center bolt) and pumping the hand primer did the trick.
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