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96 E300D Fuel leak on top of engine

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Having owned my e300d for the last 10 years I've become quite good at replacing the leaky fuel lines...but this is a new one for me. After smelling diesel and seeing puddles I checked all the fuel lines and they were good. I then took off the crossover pipe and the engine cover and see that all 6 of the "holes" are full of diesel as seen in the pic, so clearly there is a large leak in one or all of them.

What might this indicate? Return hose leak?


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Yeah - its the leak lanes.
Buy a meter of new hose and cut it with good slack, so if the end deteriorate you can cut it off and reinsert, extending the life.
Looks like somebody did that on your hoses already.
Since you have the cover off, check the crankcase ventilation system. Those plastic fittings need replacement every few years as well.
300d engine has kind of unique ventilation system with several plastic tees that divert crankcase fumes into each cylinder intake.
The plastic fittings deteriorate and rattle allowing leaks both ways.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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