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95 Sl500 few minor issues

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Hello everyone I'm new to the Mercedes world... I've been working on my project during this pandemic. I'm having a few minor issues I'm sure the group can help me resolve.

1st issue is the soft. I installed a new top and rebuilt all hydraulics the top worked perfectly fine with the rebuilt cylinders and the old top but now that I installed the new top the system will start to close until the top front section touches the front cylinders above the visors then stops and wont latch. I found out that if I bump the white switch quickly (in photo below) the top will lock in the front and finish completely. Opening the top it has no issues now I notice the buzzer going off for a few seconds and the light flashing non stop while driving.

2nd is the roll bar will activate during a hard acceleration or nasty bumps.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Your roll bar switches are probably no good. Had the same issue with my 92 500sl

Those are the switches on the rear suspension correct... The car has been on my hoist for the past year while I've been working on it.
If you guide the top with the front grab handle into the front latches does it lock?
Regarding roll bar, it receives deployment signal from switches on rear control arms. They can be adjusted to control sensitivity of roll bar deployment.
As far as the top goes I've tried to guide it in and pull down a little but that doesn't help any. The only way it'll finish is when I quickly press the white lever in the photo.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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