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95 E320 Vanity Mirrors & Instrument Panel Rheostat

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2 random (and pretty unimportant) questions on my 95 e320.

1) The lights on both driver and pass sunvisors don't come on. Doesn't bother me but the wife likes to put makeup on so...

2) The rheostat in the instrument cluster that controls all instrument illumination is possessed. If I touch it, the lights flicker off.. if I hold my mouth just the right way, they come back on at random levels of brightness.

How to fix both ?
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Very helpful.

The rheostat fix worked. Thanks.

For the visors, the dome lights, and blinking red seat belt lights both work.

I think I'm not getting power to the little contacts in the visor clips (they are both clipped in securely and contacts look to be clean, not corroded or tarnished). Question -- do they ground through these contacts or is 12v through them (or is it both)? I'm wondering if during some repair they weren't connected.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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