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I just got my first car, a '95 E300D. I've been learning about diesels from forums like these and its been plenty useful.

I'd like to know what items need to be replaced at 120k mi/15yrs, the maintenance manuals just don't account for this many miles. It seems people suggest an inspection of:
engine & exhaust mounts
glow plugs

In addition to the regular:
fuel filter

What else should my mechanic look for?

Essentially, the only problem I have, aside from a clogged master cylinder, is hard shifts from 2nd to 3rd gear resulting in a loud rear "thunk". I understand that this is a vacuum issue and will try to have it tweaked.

Other notes, the car will choke after start if parked facing downhill. 2nd, When parked facing uphill and on a cold morning will idle and drive rev pretty high, plus the body vibrates on start till I take it out of park.

Highway driving is great, sound isn't too loud after the engine has warmed. All in all, I feel lucky to have this car.

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These are the other items to check and replace where needed.

All 3 fuel filters (including the strainer filter in the tank)
Replace all fuel lines including the main tank feed line
Replace injector bleed-off hoses (reuse end cap by removing metal plug and using new piece of bleed off-hose)
Replace IP delivery valve o-rings if any leakage is present
Replace all CCV hoses (crank case ventilation)
Check condition of engine wiring harness and replace if any flaking/missing insulation is noticed.
Replace OVP relay
Replace motor mounts and tranny mounts (most likely cause for engine and tranny vibration)
Only use exhaust mounts that are of the super heavy duty type with the integrated chain. All the other types, including the factory replacement piece, will just stretch and crack especially around the rear muffler area
Decarbon complete intake tract
Make sure both electric engine cooling fans are operational under all conditions
Have HVAC system completely checked out, including R134a high & low pressure check
Replace thermostat
Given the age & mileage ,a new water pump can't hurt
New serpetine belt
new belt tensioner & pulley
Check driveshaft couplings and center support bearing.
Check CV axles
Run Lubro Moly super diesel additive or Red Line diesel fuel catalyst at full strength for the first few fill ups (1 bottle per fill up)

BTW, if the master cylinder is clogged be sure the ABS pump gets inspected to make sure it isn't clogged either. You don't want to know the cost of a replacement ABS pump. Clogs are usually caused by lack of brake maintenance (annual brake fluid flush is factory recommendation) or leaving the cap off the master cylinder.

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You'll want to inspect the timing chain stretch and condition of the vacuum pump. Also, make sure the rear suspension bushings and links are in decent shape.

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Thanks sbaert. The list was really informative in creating a restore plan. The belt tension-er and pulley were a bit bust. I figured I'd do a coolant flush and acid wash as well when i get my fuel lines replaced and intake cleaned. Its going to be the last major work I do this year.

So the sum of my restore experience reads like this for other MB Diesel newbs.
Found a 1995 E300D with 127k Miles at $3700.
$120 Pre Purchase Inspection provided insurance, I didn't really want to but my gf insisted.
$820 to have all the rotors, and front bushings replaced, and have the clogged master cyclinder changed. Status of ABS unknown.
$475 to have o-rings, oil and oil filter, fuel filters, timing belt, pulley and lubro moly purge done, and have OVP and other things inspected.
~$600 to have fuel lines replaced, thermostat, coolant flush and acid wash done, and have intake manifold cleaned (not sure if i'll do an EGR delete?)
$100 for oil, paint, wax, cables & lubro moly purge and additive from store

I took a trip this weekend, inflated tires to 34psi while running B20 & lubro moly additive and reached 33mpg on the highway! My previous recorded mpg was 26mpg & 22mpg mixed. I feel my experience counters the widespread lemon myth, and that a novice can find a great car if done properly.
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