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hey guys,

i need help with a few minor problems i have with my 94 s320. i finally replaced my door strap/door check on my front passenger side, i no longer have to roll down my window and tell girls that my cars makes loud clicking sound. thanks to the tutorial i found on here i was able to swap it out easily, unfortunately for me i got antsy when i was door panel i broke the two catches on the seat adjusting panel.

if you don't know what i'm talking about go to this link:

imagine #7, was wondering if anyone knew where i can go to get this part? i went to one of my mercedes dealership, and they pulled the diagram of the door and we couldn't even figure out what part it was for me to order it. or does anyone has any other suggestion to fix this problem.

my other problem i have is my trunk, when i first got it my trunk locking system was flawless... but lately, sometimes when i close the trunk it would suck in like it normally does but the re track handle wouldn't go back in for awhile and the trunk would still lock but the lid would push back up and not be flush leaving a big gap. sometimes its okay but there are times i would have to do it a couple times to get it to close properly. was wondering is there an adjustment i can do to this or is something giving out? my doors work perfectly fine.

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