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'94 e420 heating/cooling fan stuck on low setting

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I replaced the fan about two yerars ago and it worked great up until about 3 months ago or so. It seems as if the fan is stuck on the low setting no matter if I hit auto or high so I am guessing it's electrical, like the switch or something.

Any ideas on how to diagnose this issue? Best guess etc...

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I guess no one is manning up with a response because this is probably the most frequently written about subject. A search would yield more information than you need. The short answer however is that you probably have a bad regulator. It is attached to a porcupine-like heat sink directly under the blower motor. So the good news is that you already know how to get to it because you replaced the blower motor a couple of years ago. Personally, I would never buy a new one and would rather just pick up one or two at the boneyard for a half a hundred for the pair and put one on the shelf. :)
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