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Hello 140 Geniuses:)

This is a continuation of my diagnosis and subsequent attempt to fix this car.
First the Background story:

Now I can get the car running but the vacuum reading is a measly 6in Hg. That spells that something is still terribly wrong.
The Abs & Asr lights are on when the car is running.

The things i have changed/ verified are as follows:
new updated engine wiring harness.
body wiring confirmed to be in good shape
I took out the intake manifold along with the eta and checked the internal wiring.
MAF seems to be working and sending signal out.

My biggest concern is the low vacuum reading, I haven't heard of an M119.971 jumping time but who knows. Could bad computers also contribute to this??

I'd appreciate any and all responses.:D
I am not giving up on this car because I believe there's a lesson to be learnt.

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At the risk of repeating something that's been posted hundreds of times:

Pull the Codes.

There are literally 100s of possible answers to your questions.

Good luck.
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