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Hi Guys
I had 2 problems :
1) Auto door closers did not vacuum close. Read threads here and pulled Fuse #9 in boot for 10 seconds and now they work. BRILLIANT !!

2) Head light adjuster stoped working recently and does not seem to move the aiming point for the headlights. Looked under bonnet in fuse box but there does not seem to be any fuse allocated to the adjuster ?? Am I missing something ?? If it is not the vacuum then a fuse seems logical
Anyone else had this problerm?
Know how to fix it ?


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Check this idea

Check the back side of the switch for the vac line connection to the switch, and trace the vac line to the supply point in the engine bay. If one was bad then it woul be the adjustment diaphram inside the headlamp enclosure, the vac line there can get disconnectwed but since its both look to your vac source or the connection at the switch. If you confirm vac at the source and the switch and at the end of the hose at the headlamps then it may be the internal vac diaphram.

If they are OK contact the guy you bought the new witch from and ask for a replacement unit.

Don't think they are XENONS. The adjuster is the knurled knob that alters where the lights strikes the road. I will try the W140 forum
Thanks for your help
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