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'92 500sel Oil Overfill

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Major blunder!!! We overfilled the engine oil by about 2-3 qts past full, and ran about 6 hrs (over 2 days) like that, until we realized it and drained the pan. Gadzooks!!! There was a lot of oiled spewed about the top and front of the car, which was painstakingly wiped off, and it is now somewhat clean and dry - at least enough where I might be able to see where it could be leaking from - but I am almost afraid to look, for fear of what I will find...

I was hoping no major damage was incurred, but it has been over a week since the incident and there are still some drip spots right under where the pan would be. And I have lost 1 quart in a week.

Any ideas where to begin looking? What part would be the first to go with an over-pressure condition like this? Oil seals? Pan gasket? Heads?!

Help!!!! I feel so bad - I clearly am not ready for such an awesome machine - :eek:
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'92 500sel
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More On Leak

I didn't bust any seals - thank goodness - it was an oil line, running from the pump or somewhere back there, to the front radiator (oil cooler?). It is a hi-pressure line, a hard metal line crimped onto a ruber section. Noone knows the part ID or No., so I'm gonna have to take the first mechanic's word on the item price, with nothing to bounce it against.

He claims they have to jack up the engine to replace this line, so I might as well replace the motor mounts at the same time. I don't know any better, otherwise, I'd only replace the line and wait a bit to change the mounts. These repair/replacement costs do add up quick, y'know...

Anyone out there know which line this is? And whether or not the engine really has to be jacked up to replace it?
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